Third Grade Weather Unit

Science “Weather Wise” is our first unit in science. There are 6 topics we will cover: Seasons, Water Cycle, Clouds, Air and Wind, Temperature, and Extreme Weather Safety. 

Learning Targets:      

  • I can explain how the sun and the tilt of the Earth’s axis produce the seasons.
  • I can explain the Water Cycle process.
  • I can identify 4 major types of clouds and what type of weather they indicate.
  • I can identify the tools used to measure wind, air pressure, and temperature. I can explain their effects on weather.
  • I can identify Extreme Weather and ways to stay safe during each.

Social Studies



Third Grade Social Studies Curriulum

Please click on the link above to find an overview of our third grade social studies curriculum.  We hope you will find this information helpful as we learn about economy, culture, and the history of Chicago this year.