REACH Homework

Why REACH homework?

REACH math is an accelerated curriculum so homework is necessary to keep the pace. Math homework is usually started in class and should not exceed 20 minutes daily. For LA, a combination of silent reading and reading aloud is one way to improve your child's vocabulary and comprehension. You may ask your child some questions about what s/he is reading: (What do you think will happen next? Who is your favorite character and why? If you were this character what would you do differently? Does this book remind you of any other books that s/he has read?) Overall, homework demonstrates students’ independent mastery of material and helps develop organizational habits.

One Free HomeWork 'pass' each trimester

Good for one additional evening to complete an assignment, if needed. If the pass is unused at the end of trimester, the student earns 5 tally points.

How will I know if my child has homework?

Your child will write the homework and its due date in their assignment notebook. Homework and due dates will also be posted on the main page of this website daily.

How often do the students receive homework?

Typically, math students will have homework daily. LA students will have some long and short-term assignments.

Should I help my child with their homework?

I prefer that your child try to complete all homework independently.This helps me to support their learning. Your child is better able to recognize what they do not know and reflect on understanding. I would rather your child ask me questions during or after class so I can help. Please email me if your child struggled with the homework. 

Does my child need to memorize math facts?

Yes, your child will be expected to know their multiplication and division math facts from 0-12 by mid-third grade.
We will practice with strategies in class and make flash cards of those still needing practice. The easiest way to master facts is by using flash cards. Divide the cards into two piles--those they got correct and those they either hesitated to answer or got incorrect. Go over the cards they are having trouble with again to see if they can get them correct. Mastery of a fact is when the child answers in 3 seconds or less. There are games on the 3rd grade math page of this site.