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2+ sharpened pencils
2+ Expo markers

1 red pen
1 pencil eraser (‘Pink Pearl’)
1 folder for each REACH 
Lined notebook paper or spiral notebook
Assignment notebooks (used in the classroom) should be brought to each REACH class

Problem of the Week=10 EC Points!
Solve by showing work/thinking and Email me by 4/3.

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Hawthorne's 8th Pi Recital will be on Friday, March 13, 2020.

During our 2018 contest, over100 students stretched their brains and tried to memorize MANY digits of Pi (3.1415926535...), which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th (3/14).
The students who recited 20 digits (or more) were recognized by the International Pi Registry, located in Germany. The top 14 reciters each memorized over 80 digits! Laina Drabic, a 2nd grader, came on strong with a school high of 206 digits recited! Rounding out the top 14 are Kailin Mendiola (201), Saveen Shah (197), Michael Dorko (151), Alexa Klein (144), Libby Donaldson (136), Jaiden Shah (136), Owen Drabic (126), Matthew Lizak (123), Stella Rosso (121), Jamie Fulco (117), Evan Carry (107), Ali Zainulabideen (88), and Nico Cortez (82).
Our brains are amazingly stretchable with such a great capacity so keep exercising them!
Click here to download the 2018 reciters list from Hawthorne.
Read the article from the Elmhurst Patch
Use the links below to help you improve your memorization of the digits. If you can accurately recite at least 20 digits of Pi, you will be recognized. 
Pi Trainer (you can use this to practice)
Pi Pi Mathematical Pi Song -You can sing the digits!
Another Pi Song
Sing me 25 digits!
Digits of Pi Song
List of Pi Digits (over 2000 digits in groups of 50!)
Piano song created with the digits of Pi
Circle Song-Learn about where we use Pi
Pi Explained with Pies-yum!
National Pi Registry of Memorizers
International Pi Ranking-Look for Hawthorne students!