Geralyn Sorrentino


2+ sharpened pencils
2+ Expo markers

1 red pen
1 Pink pencil eraser
1 folder for each REACH 
Lined paper/spiral notebook
Assignment notebooks (used in the classroom) should be brought to each REACH class

From My Wonderful Students!


Pi Day Information

Pi (3.1415926535...), is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th and Hawthorne’s 12th Pi Day happened on Thursday, 3/14/24. This year, over 70! students learned Pi digits. Hawthorne's top 14 reciters stretched their amazing brains by learning at least 80 digits!
Caroline Keslinke (80), Logan Ross (81), Billy Leung (84), Emily Hohenstein (87), Samantha Casper (90), Charli Vandenberg (100), Maya Vandenbos (100), Kennedy Burklow (100), Aidan LeMar (105), Grant Elder (106), Grace Schroeder (123), Mila Messina (162), Lillian Rae (162), and this year's school champion, Molly Tilden (197 digits!).
Pi Day is a great reminder that Math is Fun and our brains can learn and hold a LOT of information (and random facts!)
Use the links below to help you improve your knowledge of the digits. 
Pi Pi Mathematical Pi Song -You can sing the digits!
Sing me 25 digits!
Another Pi Song (139 digits!)
List of Pi Digits (over 2000 digits in groups of 50!)
100 Digits of Pi Song
Pi Trainer (you can use this to practice)
Another Pi Trainer (use this to get higher level)
Circle Rap -Learn about where we use Pi
Pi Explained with Pies-yum!
National Pi Registry of Memorizers -- No longer updating
International Pi Ranking-Look for Hawthorne students!--Not updating.

Pi Day - Top 14 Reciters! (80-197 Digits!)