Second Grade Subject Areas

Language Arts

English Language Arts Scope and Sequence

Trimester 1 - Fiction

Trimester 2 - Non-fiction

Trimester 3 - Earth Systems

These units are the topics that teachers will use to teach the  various standards for the different trimesters.

Spelling Homework

All students should practice spelling words every night.  Some teachers have homework that needs to be turned in.  Below is a link that you can download for ideas to practice or homework for weekly spelling activities.  

Words Their Ways Spelling Practice 

Weekly Spelling Activities

Helpful Websites

Spelling Practice

Reading Site

Into the Book

Story Online

National Geographic



Trimester 1 - Narrative Writing

Trimester 2 - Informational Writing

Trimester 3 - Opinion Writing


Grammar Games


Poetry Practice


Eureka Math

The 2nd grade team is part of the early implementers for our new math program, Eureka Math.  This program has a strong emphasis on number sense and application problems.  Below are a few links to help parents navigate through homework.  

District 205 Math Website

Helpful Websites

Telling Time

Counting Money 

Math Facts

Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies


1249305232817_wnp700.jpgAll Year: Geography

Concepts studied:

- The difference between: states, countries, and continents

- Landforms: mountains, peninsula, desert, plains, lakes, oceans, rivers, islands

- Cardinal and intermediary directions: north, south, east, west

- Relative location of cities

- Identifying hemispheres and equator

Trimester 1: Communities

Standards: 1. Peoples, places and environment; 2. Production, distribution, and consumption

Key Question: How do people use resources in their environment to meet their needs and concerns? (ie. shelter, water, food, energy)

Essential Outcomes: 1. What types of communities are there? How are they similar and different?

Important Vocabulary

COMMUNITIES: (Click here for definitions)

*urban *rural *suburb * city * state * country * continent * community

Trimester 2: Wants and Needs

Standard: Time, continuity, and change

Key Question: How do people use resources in their environments to meet their needs and concerns?

Essential Outcomes: How are people's needs and wants similar and different?

Important Vocabulary

* want * need * goods * services * consumers


TRIMESTER 3: How Communities Change Over Time

Standard: Time, continuity, and change

Key Question: How have communities changed over time?

Essential Outcomes: Why have some areas/communities changed through the years? What has stayed the same and what has changed? How has technology influenced lives?

Important Vocabulary

* technology * inventions * immigration * timeline



Trimester One



Electricity is a form of energy that makes things happen.

Words to know:




Click here for a study guide

Trimester Two

Human Body


Click on each system below for a study guide.

Digestive System

Circulatory System

Respiratory System

Trimester Three



Click here for a study guide

Parts to know: