Second Grade

Birthday Treats

We enjoy celebrating birthdays in 2nd grade!  It is now a school policy that all birthday treats must be items that are non edible.  If your child wishes to bring in a treat to celebrate, some suggestions are: pencils, erasers, stickers, bookmarks, or a class gift such as a game or book.

Healthy Snacks

All 2nd grade classrooms need to be allergy safe.  For that reason all four classrooms are fresh fruits and vegetables only.

Welcome to Second Grade



Mrs. Scarlett, Ms. Iturbide, Mrs. Rossman, Mrs. Pope

Helping improve MAP scores

In the next few weeks, each 2nd grade student will sit down with their teacher to set a goal for their MAP scores.  This is a way to have the students aware of their score, and grow from the current spot they are at.  We want them to be accountable when taking this test.  Official MAP scores are sent from the district and should be coming home in the next few weeks.  Below are some links to help your child improve their scores.  Click on the link and then click on your child's current score.  There will be links to activities your child can play, which should help their score improve.  This information won't be too helpful until official scores are sent.  

               Reading Links 

               Math Links