Jazzmin Showalter

Welcome to Room 116! 

Contact: jshowalter@elmhurst205.org

Important Reminders:


  • Read 20 minutes every night 
  • 10 minutes of homework, when it is given
  • Practice sight words: stay, name, new, paper, rain

Parent Resources: 

District Math Website




Classroom LearninG 


 This week we reviewed how to retell fiction books and asking questions before, during, and after reading fiction books.  

 On Tuesday, we read the book Twig and used our five-finger fiction retell to review the character, setting, beginning, middle, and end. 

On Wednesday, we used a graphic organizer to retell the book Twig. We talked about sentence stems that would help us retell the story. 

Characters: The story is about...

Setting: The story takes place...

Beginning: In the beginning...

Middle: In the middle...

End: In the end...

On Thursday,  I read the book A Color of His Own. Students decided whether they wanted to retell the story through writing sentences or creating drawings. 

On Friday, we read the book: The Stranger. I modeled how to ask questions before reading, and during the reading. At the end, students all were wondering: who is the stranger? Ask your child what they predicted! 

Writing: Students wrote about what they did over their weekend. Students have been working hard continuing to work on their animal research writing. Some students are in the publishing process of their writing!

Phonics: Students studied the ea sound this week. We created a peach anchor chart and brainstormed words to add to the anchor chart. We also listened to a silly ea song. 

Math: Students have been working on graphing this week. We have realized we need to use the same rules for measuring when we create our graphs. Students have learned about what they prefer to use when graphing: squares, to create a bar graph, or tallies. Many of the students have preferred using tallies. 

1. Line up the endpoints. 

2.  Don't leave gaps.

3. Measure the entire object. 

4. Don't overlap cubes

5. Make sure you are using the same unit 



Monday (Bonus) : Music & Art

Tuesday: Music & P.E.

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Music & P.E.

Friday: Art


First graders can bring a daily snack of fresh fruits or vegetables.  Only fresh fruit and vegetables are allowed, per district policy.  Water bottles are also welcomed.  Please make sure the snack is ready to eat--oranges, cuties peeled.  Please pack the snack separate from their lunch.  Thank you!


Class Rules

1.We respect others,
respect ourselves, and respect our school.

2. We are safe, kind, and

3. We listen when our
teacher and classmates
are talking.

4. We raise our hand to
share or ask for help.

5. We follow directions

6. We try our best and
don’t give up on