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Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year!  I am excited to be working with your first grader this year.  This is my 30th year of teaching  and my 27th year teaching first grade at Hawthorne Elementary.  My favorite part about teaching first grade is the incredible amount of growth I see within each child from the beginning of the year to the end.  Here's to a wonderful year of growing!

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1st Grade Learning This Week...

Sight Words - gave, things, close, even, grow

If you need a complete list of the first grade or second grade sight words, please let me know via email.

Grammar - proper nouns 

Reading - This week we continued our study of poetry.  We focused on one last poetic device this week...imagery. We used Sensory Poems (5 Senses Poems) to help us create clear images in our minds.  Poets use many tools to make their poems more fun and interesting to read. 

Writing - We wrote about our spring breaks.  The concepts of sharing one idea per sentence, leaving spaces between words, and adding a capital and ending mark to each sentence was stressed prior to writing.  We should all be using the word wall so ALL of our sight words are spelled correctly, and we should be sounding out all other words carefully.   We should be printing our letters correctly on printing lines as well. These are things your first grader should be doing pretty consistently at this point.  Second grade is not too far off, so we need to get these first grade writing skills down pat. When your child writes at home, please encourage them to remember these things.  

We have moved into our final first-grade writing unit that focuses on Opinion Writing.  We started this unit by learning the difference between a fact and an opinion.  Then, we used some Would You Rather questions to help us understand how to state an opinion and give reasons to back it up.  We wrote one of our responses on a graphic organizer, so we could understand the format of opinion writing (introduction stating our opinion, three reasons to back up that opinion, a conclusion restating our opinion).

Math - We continued working through Module 5 this week!  We took our study of 2-dimensional shapes to the next level when we began dividing them into equal parts and naming those parts.  We ended the week with the realization that a clock is a 2-D shape divided into 12 equal parts, and that the hands on the clock can help us tell time to the hour and half-hour!  Your kids LOVED constructing their very own clocks! 

Remember to...

*  write me a note if your child's after-school routine changes on any given day

*  take mail out of red folder each in-person night & read

*  check over your child's homework & help him/her make any corrections 

*  remind your child to return homework the following day

*  have your child read each night (20 minutes or more)

*  practice tying shoes with your child

*  label all your child's personal items (coats, boots, lunchbox, snowpants,) with his/her name