Beth Allaire

      Welcome to

       Room 112!

Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year!  I am excited to be working with your first grader this year.  This is my 30th year of teaching  and my 27th year teaching first grade at Hawthorne Elementary.  My favorite part about teaching first grade is the incredible amount of growth I see within each child from the beginning of the year to the end.  Here's to a wonderful year of growing!

         Room 112's

       Good Choices 

In our classroom and on Zoom...

We listen when our teacher and classmates are talking.

We follow directions quickly.

We respect others, respect ourselves, and respect our school.

We raise our hand to share or ask for help.

We are safe, kind, and honest.

We try our best and don't give up on challenges.

If you have a question or concern, please feel free to email  me at...

1st Grade Learning This Week...

Sight Words - been, your, big, came, away       (last week's:  than, about, after, I'm, back) 

Reading - learned how to pick out a "good fit" or "just right" book to read independently; learned how important it is to read a variety of genres (fiction, non-fiction, poetry); learned that good readers STOP reading to record their thinking in order to understand the text better; learned that non-fiction books teach us important information; learned that building my reading stamina (time spent reading and frequency of reading) will help me become a better reader

Writing - (Weekend News Journal) worked on... staying on topic while adding a second sentence that explained the first sentence in more detail; placing letters on printing lines appropriately; starting sentences with a capital letter; putting an ending mark at the end of each sentence; leaving a  finger space between all words in a sentence; only using capital letters when necessary (start of a sentence, the word "I", start of names)

Math - worked on counting on to solve addition problems (in our brains, using fingers, using dots under the smaller number)

Social Studies - Discussed the answers to the following questions:  How do my actions effect the entire community I am in?  How do community workers help us?  Why do we have rules?  What are my rights and responsibilities as a student at Hawthorne School? 

Remember to...

*  write a note if your child's after-school routine changes on any given day

*  take mail out of red folder each in-person night & read

*  check over your child's homework & help him/her make any corrections 

*  remind your child to return homework the following day

*  have your child read each night (20 minutes or more)

*  practice tying shoes with your child

*  label all your child's personal items (coats, boots, lunchbox, snowpants,) with his/her name