Beth Allaire

Welcome to Room 112!

Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 school year!  I am excited to be working with your child in first grade this year.  This is my 28th year teaching overall and my 25th year teaching first grade at Hawthorne Elementary.  My favorite part about teaching first grade is the incredible amount of growth I see within each child from the beginning of the year to the end.  Here's to a wonderful year of growing!



Room 112's Good Choices:

1.  Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

2.  Listen with your eyes, ears, and still hands.

3.  Raise your hand during class discussions and quiet work time.

4.  Do your best printing, coloring, cutting, and gluing.

5.  Walk from place to place in our classroom.

6.  Follow directions the first time they are given.


Monday - LRC & Library Book Check Out

Tuesday - Rotation (Library, Art, PE, Music) 

Wednesday - PE & Music

Thursday -  Art

Friday - Music & PE

Remember to...

*  practice tying shoes with your child

*  write a note if your child is going home for lunch

*  write a note if your child's after-school routine changes

*  take mail out of red folder each night & read

*  check over your child's homework & help him/her make any corrections 

*  return homework the following day

*  read with your child each night (20 minutes or more)

*  label all your child's personal items (coats, boots, lunchbox, snowpants,) with his/her name