Beth Allaire

 Welcome to Room 112!

Welcome to the 2021 - 2022 school year!  I am excited to be working with you and your first grader this year.  This is my 31st year of teaching  and my 28th year teaching first grade at Hawthorne Elementary.  My favorite part about teaching first grade is the incredible amount of growth I see within each child from the beginning of the year to the end.  Here's to a wonderful year of growing! 

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1st Grade Learning This Week...

Sight Words -  home, before, know, almost, four 

If your child does not know these 5 words upon seeing them as of today, please make some flashcards and practice them at home until he/she knows them "in a snap!"

Phonics - long o  (o like ocean)

Reading - This week we combined all we have been practicing with characters, setting,  problem, and solution as we learned how to retell a fiction story.  We use a visual called a "Five Finger Retell" to remind us of the parts of a complete retell.  Each finger stands for one part of the retell...characters, setting, beginning event (may include the problem, depending on the book), middle event (may include the problem, depending on the book), and ending event (including the solution).  We practiced this over and over this week in our reading workshop time and during independent reading.  We then moved along to the final part of a fiction retell which is the central message of the story (located on the palm of the hand).  The central message is the lesson or the idea we learn from a story.  I have attached a copy of our five finger retell hand to this Friday's email.  If you would print it up, keep it in your child's daily reading spot, and have your child use it to retell a fiction story that has been read, that would be AWESOME extra practice for your first grader!  

Writing -  This week, we worked so hard on our personal narrative writing!  We reviewed all the steps involved in creating a personal narrative (brainstorming a topic, thinking about the small steps in the story, touching and telling those steps across the pages in our book, sketching the who, what, when & where of each part on the different pages, and finally writing the words to describe the sketches/steps in the story).  This week, we learned how to add an introduction (a simple sentence at the very beginning of our story to tell the reader what our whole story is about).  We also learned to add temporal words (first, next, then, last) to our story to keep the order of our story events very clear for our readers.  We added a conclusion at the very end of our story, wrapping the story up for our readers.  We will continue to practice these things over the next couple of weeks during our writing block!

 Math -  We continue to work our way through Module 1 in math.  We moved along to subtraction and realized that we can use addition to help us solve subtraction (creating a number bond really helps clarify this skill).  We reviewed how to use a number path to help us solve for a missing part.  We then practiced drawing a math picture in a couple of different ways to help us solve for a missing part in a subtraction number story.  We drew the total and crossed off the known part to reveal the unknown part.  We also drew the total and put a line after the known part to reveal the unknown part.  Exposure to these different strategies and different ways to think about math problems/numbers is key when learning new math concepts now and in the future.

Social Studies - We discussed that sometimes communities have problems that need to be solved by the community working together.  We learned a WONDERFUL lesson from the story "Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand..." when you have a problem, even a serious one, good things can come out of it when people work together.  We discussed some of the problems that we notice around Hawthorne school and brainstormed ways to solve those problems for the betterment of our Hawthorne community.  We will be moving along to our Mystery Science unit "Plant & Animal Super Powers" next week.

Remember to...

*  write me a note if your child's after-school routine changes on any given day

* write me a note if you wish to have your child come home for lunch on a given day

*  take mail out of red folder to read/look over with your child each day

*  remind your child to return his/her library books every Wednesday

*  help your child prepare and bring a joke to school each Thursday

*  help your child find and bring 1 item to school each Friday for Show & Tell

*  have your child read each night (20 - 30 minutes or more)

*  practice tying shoes with your child so he/she is ready for the shoe tying challenge later this year

*  label all your child's personal items (coats, boots, lunchbox, snow pants,) with his/her name