Annie Perrone

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What kids should bring each day: red folder, water bottle, snack and lunch.

First Grade Learning

ELA:   Little Red Hen
This week we...

  • read different versions of the Little Red Hen.
  • discussed different elements that were in common with all the versions.
  • used a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast versions.
  • got our speaking parts in different fairy tale reader's theaters.
  • wrote opinion paragraphs about the texts we read this week.
  • wrote an opinion paragraph about whether we agreed with the Little Red Hen or not.
  • wrote pages in our first grade memory book.

This week we...

  • worked in our last unit by reviewing all that we have learned this year.
  • looked at words and identified the syllable, diagraphs, bonus letters, blends and suffixes.
  • quizzed each other with words of the day.
  • Trick words--water, called.

Math: 6.16-20
This week we...

  • wrote number sentences vertically to add and notice when we made a new ten.
  • reviewed different strategies to solve double-digit addition problems.
  • practiced our preferred strategies.
  • took our mid-module assessment.
  • identified pennies, nickels and dimes.
  • decomposed nickels and dimes using other coins.

Science:  Sound and Light

  • This week we learned how sounds are made in cartoons.  We used our bodies and rulers to make sounds for a rainstorm and a bouncing ball.
  • We learned sound is created by vibrations, change the vibration and change the sound and when you stop the vibration the sound stops.  We used string to create a head harp.
  • We explored the question of what would it be like if there were no windows.  We sorted materials by--see-through, kind of see-through, and not see-through.  
  • We used tissue paper to make stained glass art.

Specials Schedule
Monday:  None-Extra recess
Tuesday:  Library
Wednesday: Art
Thursday:  Music/PE
Friday:    Music/PE
Recess/Lunch 10:55-11:55
Important Reminders


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