Annie Perrone

Please send a note or email if dismissal routine changes.

First Grade Learning

This week during Reader's Workshop we...

  • stopped and made predictions while reading.
  • talked about visualizing while reading.
  • practiced using strategies for figuring out the meaning of new words.
  • discussed how pictures help us understand what we are reading.
  • reviewed the reading strategies we've learned for solving an unknown word.:

Sight Words: away, back, I'm, after, than

This week we worked on solving number stories with a picture, number bond, number sentence, and filling in a statement.  We solved for a total or a missing part in a number story.  Ex:  6 + 4 = ? or 6 + ? =10.  When solving for a missing part we worked on counting on to find the missing part.

During our weekend writing time we explicitly work on using appropriate punctuation and capitalization.  We also reinforce this during handwriting.

Social Studies:
We started our unit on choices and our community.  We came up with questions to guide our learning this week based on visuals.  We also read about a variety of community helpers.

Guest Reader
Sign-up will be coming after Curriculum Night.

Wednesdays 11:35-11:55

Specials Schedule
Monday:  PE
Tuesday:  PE
Wednesday:  Art
Thursday:  Library   
Friday:     Music 

Important Reminders

  • Curriculum Night, September 24
  • Dress for the weather for our breaks.
  • Class size--23 kids

First graders can bring a small morning snack and a larger snack to be eaten during our break.  Please refer to Mr. Riordan's allergy guidelines when packing the snacks.

Going To  be absent?Please remember to call the absent line if your child will be absent--630-782-5794