Annie Perrone

Please send a note or email if dismissal routine changes.
What kids should bring each day: iPad, charger, and red folder.  Please charge their iPad nightly.

First Grade Learning


  • We continued our poetry unit this week.  We...
    • discussed how poets use imagery in their poems.
    • looked for cue words in poems to help create our images.
    • wrote a 5 senses poem.
  • Concepts to reinforce while reading at home--asking and answering questions, text features (headings, labels, diagrams, captions, bold words, photographs), main topic, key details, non-fiction vs fiction

New Sight Words: All 100 first grade words have been introduced.  We are reviewing commonly tricky ones.  We worked on 5 words from the 200 word list--work, through, food, brother, funny

Previous words: away, back, I'm, after, than, been, big, came, away, your, from, because, who, when, them, have, there, just, any, into, little, make, before, four, two, mother, very, could, were, where, mother, very, could, were, where, one, with, that, five, their, but, our, going, here, three, want, able, bad, give, today, week, year, can't, bus, take, cat, anything, world, tell, across, dad, dog, hide, anything, almost, down, home, become, behind, end, fish, why, car, books, good, top, city, room, write, help, hill, use, know, under, fast, love, much, place, let, sleep, stay, name, new, paper, rain, door, fun, sky, both, time

We worked on dividing circles and rectangles into halves and fourths/quarters.  We also started telling time to the hour and half hour.

We started our opinion writing  by choosing what we think is the best thing to play on the playground.  We wrote one together and then the kids worked on their own.

During our weekend writing and other writing opportunities we focus on writing complete sentences with capitals and periods.  Putting the correct capitals and periods at the right spots is hard at this time of the year.  The kids often get tripped up figuring out where their sentence ends and a new sentence begins.  This is something we will continue to work on.

We reviewed ways we spell long a--ai, a_e, ay and long e-ee, ea, e_e

Guest Reader
Wednesdays 11:35-11:55

Thank you to Mrs. and Mr. Olson for being our guest readers in March.

Thank you to Ms. Taormina for being our surprise guest reader this week.

Specials Schedule
Monday:  None
Tuesday:  Art
Wednesday:  Music/PE
Thursday:  Library
Friday:     Music/PE
Important Reminders

  • Return library books on Thursdays.
  • Read 20 minutes each night
  • Class size--22 kids

Going To  be absent?Please remember to call the absent line if your child will be absent--630-782-5794