Mrs. Perrone
630-834-4541         Attendance Times:  8:07--3:00       Late Start:  9:37-3:00
                                  Lunch 11:25-12:25

Please send a note or email if going home for lunch or dismissal routine changes.

First Grade Learning

We concluded our fiction unit and worked on applying what we learned to books about friendship, growth mindset and problem solving.

  • we focused on answering questions--characters, setting, problem and solution about fiction stories.
  • we read stories about kindness and described the characters.
  • we read Wonder and discussed how we can apply the central message to our own lives.

Sight words introduced this week--want, able, bad, give, today
Previous words--because, who, when, them, from, away, came, been, big, you, than, back, I'm, after, about, have, into, there, any, just, where, very, could, were, mother, over, ride, don't, said, that, one, with, five, their, what, but, here, our, going, three

Module 2 is about making 10 to add. 

  • making 10 with 3 addend problems ex 6 + 4 + 3
  • making 10 with pictures and number bonds when one addend is 9 ( 9 + 5 = 9 + 1 + 4)
  • making 10 with pictures and number bonds when one addend is 8 (8 + 6 = 8 + 2 + 4)

We took our mid-module assessment this week.  When we come back from back we will focus on taking from 10.

This week we worked on long o--bone, choke, robe, etc. We worked on dropping the e before adding ing and also adding d to show past tense.

The students have been publishing their narrative stories by adding color to their typed books, talking bubbles, and an about the author page.

During our weekend writing time we explicitly work on using appropriate punctuation and capitalization.  We worked on identifying when to put a period.  As the kids write more sentences and details it can be difficult to determine when to put a period.

Social Studies:
We continued learning about communities.  We talked about leaders and citizens in our community.  We read Sofia Valdez Future Prez and discussed why Sofia makes a good citizen using evidence from the text.


Guest Reader
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Tuesdays 12:35-12:55

In our class...
1.  We listen when our teacher and classmates are talking.

2.  We follow directions quickly.

3.  We respect others, respect ourselves, respect our school.

4.  We raise our hand to share and ask for help.

5.  We are safe, kind and honest.

6.  We try our best and don't give up on challenges.

Specials Schedule
Monday:  Bonus (Library & PE)
Tuesday:  Library
Wednesday:  Music & PE
Thursday:  Art   
Friday:     Music & PE

Important Reminders

  • All library books due on Tuesdays
  • Late start 11/20
  • Parent teacher conferences 11/25 & 11/26
  • Class size--24 kids

First graders can bring a daily snack of fresh fruits or vegetables.  Only fresh fruit and vegetables are allowed, per district policy.  Water bottles are also welcomed.  Please make sure the snack is ready to eat--oranges, cuties peeled.  Please pack the snack separate from their lunch.  Thank you!

Birthday TreatsHawthorne has a non-edible treat policy for birthdays.  Please do not send any treats containing food or candy.  It is not necessary to send anything, but if you would like to send something some ideas are:  a book for the class, pencils, stationary, erasers, mini notebooks, puzzles, etc.  
Class size--24 students


Going To  be absent?Please remember to call the absent line if your child will be absent--630-782-5794 

Work cannot be sent home ahead of time, but will be available when they return to school.  Not everything is able to be sent home, much of our learning happens through our discussions, stories and hands on activities.  Please send the completed assignments back within a week.