Annie Perrone

Please send a note or email if dismissal routine changes.
What kids should bring on in-person days: iPad, headphones, charger, Grade 1 Module 1 math book, handwriting book, red folder, green writing folder, math game sleeve, 2 snacks and a towel. (Weekend Journal on Mondays only)

First Grade Learning


  • We started our non-fiction unit this week.  We compared & contrasted fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • We focused on 3 different types of non-fiction texts this week--reference, biography, and literary non-fiction.
  • To reinforce at home you can help identify before/after reading books that you are reading together as fiction or non-fiction and describing how you know.

New Sight Words: want, able, bad, give, today

Previous words: away, back, I'm, after, than, been, big, came, away, your, from, because, who, when, them, have, there, just, any, into, little, make, before, four, two, mother, very, could, were, where, mother, very, could, were, where, one, with, that, five, their, but, our, going, here, three


  • Module 2 is our introduction into place value.  We've been working on making 10 to add with organized pictures and number bonds.
  • We focus on being able to think of numbers flexibly to make it easier to add.
  • This week we focused on making 10 when one addend is 8.  We used pictures and number bonds to take 2 from the other addend to make 8 into 10.  
  • We practiced making 10 when the addend was 7, 8 or 9.  We practiced using our other strategies for adding.

Before starting our next writing unit we took some time this week to write about our fun disguised turkeys.  The kids practiced describing their turkeys and then wrote a story about their turkeys.

During our weekend writing, handwriting and other writing opportunities we focus on writing complete sentences with capitals and periods.  Putting the correct capitals and periods at the right spots is hard at this time of the year.  The kids often get tripped up figuring out where their sentence ends and a new sentence begins.  This is something we will continue to work on.

We worked on long e words spelled ee and e _ e for example peek, feel, these, etc.

Guest Reader

Wednesdays 11:35-11:55

Specials Schedule
Monday:  PE
Tuesday:  PE
Wednesday:  Art
Thursday:  Library   
Friday:     Music 
Important Reminders

  • Conferences 11/23 & 24
  • No School 11/24-27
  • Read 20 minutes each night
  • Class size--23 kids

First graders can bring a small morning snack and a larger snack to be eaten during our break.  Please refer to Mr. Riordan's allergy guidelines when packing the snacks.

Going To  be absent?Please remember to call the absent line if your child will be absent--630-782-5794