Annie Perrone

Please email me if your child's dismissal routine changes or they are going home for lunch.
What kids should bring each day: charged iPad, red folder, water bottle, snack and lunch.

First Grade Learning

Reading Workshop:
This week we continued our unit on life cycles.  We..

  • asked questions about plant life cycles.
  • retold the life cycle of plants.
  • stopped, and jotted down key details as we were reading about disgusting plants.
  • answered questions about nonfiction text.

Sight Words: great, story, above, should, find

Previous words:  than, back, after, I'm, about, been, away, your, big, came, them, when, who, from, because, into, just, there, any, have, but, fun, bus, under, much, bad, fast, that, cat, dad, hill, give, little, with, love, end, dog, top, down, tell, mother, three, let, help, both, name, place, make, take, able, here, week, year, sleep, two, hide, ride, time, five, write, before, home, four, almost, know, can't, don't, their, where, use, world, car, behind, become, fish, were, why, over, what, door, paper, today, rain, one, stay, new, said, our, anything, something, could, room, good, books, city, very, sky, want, going, again, wait, sea, carry, wrote, first, each, feel, always, ask, through, brother, work, food, funny, close, gave, things, even, grow, gone, same, knew, begin, winter, happy, third, catch, must, stop, last, school, walk, night, goes, changeten, live, part, outside, teach, does, view, until, together

This week we worked on writing reviews.  We read the story Knuffle Bunny Free.  The kids rated the book based on a 5 star system.  They wrote a review of the story including a catchy attention getter, strong reasons, and a convincing conclusion.


We continued our final module.  We worked on applying our understanding of tens and ones to dimes and pennies.  We...

  • worked on exchanging pennies and nickels for dimes and quarters.
  • counting mixed coins.
  • counting on with pennies from a larger coin.
  • showing numbers 50-120 with dimes and pennies.

Phonics:  We continued working with contractions and compound words this week.

We continued our unit on light and sound communication.  We conducted an experiment to reenact a cave to see how light affects your ability to see.  We worked with partners and put messages in a dark box that the kids had to try to read.  We used flashlights and codes to send messages to a partner.  We also learned about how boats use lights and sounds to navigate in the fog.

Specials Schedule
Monday:  None
Tuesday:  Library
Wednesday:  Music/PE
Thursday:  Music/PE
Friday:    Art
Lunch 10:55-11:55
Important Reminders


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