Annie Perrone

Please email me if your child's dismissal routine changes or they are going home for lunch.
What kids should bring each day: iPad, charger, and red folder.  Please charge their iPad nightly.

First Grade Learning


  • We've been reviewing nonfiction text.  We...
    • identified the main topic of a nonfiction text.
    • reviewed text features.
    • identified key details in nonfiction text.
    • read and described life cycles of different animals.
  • Concepts to reinforce while reading at home--asking and answering questions, text features (headings, labels, diagrams, captions, bold words, photographs), main topic, key details, non-fiction vs fiction

First grade sight words: away, back, I'm, after, than, been, big, came, away, your, from, because, who, when, them, have, there, just, any, into, little, make, before, four, two, mother, very, could, were, where, mother, very, could, were, where, one, with, that, five, their, but, our, going, here, three, want, able, bad, give, today, week, year, can't, bus, take, cat, anything, world, tell, across, dad, dog, hide, anything, almost, down, home, become, behind, end, fish, why, car, books, good, top, city, room, write, help, hill, use, know, under, fast, love, much, place, let, sleep, stay, name, new, paper, rain, door, fun, sky, both, time

We've worked on solving number stories using double tape diagrams.  We've focused on problems where the operation may not be as clear.  We've worked on strategies to help us problem solve.

We read, Hey Little Ant and we wrote a letter to the boy in the story persuading him to save or squish the ant.  The kids worked on writing a hook, giving convincing reasons and then ending with a persuasive closing.  The kids shared their published letter with their peers and gave each other compliments or asked questions about their writing.

During our weekend writing and other writing opportunities we focus on writing complete sentences with capitals and periods.  Putting the correct capitals and periods at the right spots is hard at this time of the year.  The kids often get tripped up figuring out where their sentence ends and a new sentence begins.  This is something we will continue to work on.

We've been working on contractions and compound words.

We have 4 butterflies!  We've been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly while waiting for ours to emerge.  One caterpillar was slightly behind the others, so we have 2 stages of the life cycle right now.  We will be releasing them this week!

Specials Schedule
Monday:  None
Tuesday:  Art
Wednesday:  Music/PE
Thursday:  Library
Friday:     Music/PE
Important Reminders

  • Read 20 minutes each night
  • Class size--22 kids

Going To  be absent?Please remember to call the absent line if your child will be absent--630-782-5794