Annie Perrone

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What kids should bring each day: charged iPad, red folder, water bottle, snack and lunch.

First Grade Learning

Reading Workshop:
This week in our fiction unit we...

  • retold fiction stories by giving details from the beginning, middle and end of the story.
  • worked with partners to retell stories.
  • used post-it notes to retell stories while we read independently. 

The comprehension skills we are working on during reading workshop are based on the grade level standards.  We work on them together, they work on them during their independent reading and in guided reading groups.  The expectation is that students will do these skills while reading grade level text independently.
Sight Words: end, dog, top, down, tell

Previous words:  than, back, after, I'm, about, been, away, your, big, came, them, when, who, from, because, into, just, there, any, have, but, fun, bus, under, much, bad, fast, that, cat, dad, hill, give, little, with, love

We started working with long vowels this week.  We focused on a_e for example: lake, mane, save, etc.

We continued writing our personal narratives this week.  We worked on

  • bringing our characters to life by making them move, talk and feel.
  • writing introductions to our stories by including an attention grabber and let them know what the story is about.
  • adding details--who, what, where and how we were feeling during our stories.


  • This week we worked on strategies for solving for a missing part in a number story.  We used pictures and picture number bonds to help us model number stories.
  • We are working on using addition to solve subtraction problems.  For example 9 - 7 =? can be thought of as 7 + ? = 9.

Social Studies:
We continued our unit, Choices I Make. We discussed goods and services this week.  We brainstormed examples.  We also talked about wants and needs.  We discussed how people have different wants and needs and how people making choices with their money.  We read Boxes for Katje and My Rows and Piles of Coins.

Specials Schedule
Monday:  None
Tuesday:  Library
Wednesday:  Music/PE
Thursday:  Music/PE
Friday:    Art
Lunch 10:55-11:55
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