Annie Perrone

Please email me if your child's dismissal routine changes or they are going home for lunch.
What kids should bring each day: red folder, water bottle, snack and lunch.

First Grade Learning

This week we...

  • read a variety of biographies about George Washington.
  • discussed elements of biographies.
  • identified key detail from the text.
  • asked and answered questions about the text.
  • identified the author's point in Creature Features and reasons given to support their point.
  • researched different animal features.
  • wrote an informative paragraph about how animal uses their unique feature.
  • created a Chatterpix to share about the animal researched.

This week we...

  • worked on reading and spelling words with 5 sounds--blast, twist, stamp, etc.
  • read words with 3 letter blends--strap, scrub, etc.
  • added the suffix -s to words with 5 sounds when reading and spelling.
  • Trick words--now, how, down.

Math: 4.10-12 and MMA
This week we...

  • used <, >, and = to compare two-digit numbers.
  • added and subtracted multiples of tens using quick tens and ones.
  • added tens to double-digit numbers.
  • worked on understanding 2 tens + 1 ten is the same as 20 + 10.
  • took our Mid Module Assessment.

Science:  Plant Superpowers

  • This week we started the last part of our science unit on plant superpowers.  We examined pictures to see, think and wonder.  We observed seedlings and adult plants to match the type of plant.

Specials Schedule
Monday:  None-Extra recess
Tuesday:  Library
Wednesday: Art
Thursday:  Music/PE
Friday:    Music/PE
Recess/Lunch 10:55-11:55
Important Reminders


Going To  be absent?Please remember to call the absent line if your child will be absent--630-782-5794