About Us

Board Members

2019-2020 PTA Board Officers

President - Jennie Beal

President Elect - Angie Brauneis

Secretary Treasurer - Jen Bosse

Secretary Treasurer Elect - Michelle Morris

Communications - Anne Zimmer

Finances - Jen Moskal

Recording Secretary - Jen Moskal

VP Activities - Alyssa Kamruddin

VP Enrichment - Jessica Buenz

VP Fundraising - Lindsey Waichulis

Committee Chairs

2019-2020 Board and Committee Chairs

PTA Executive Board Committee Chair
President Jennie Beal
President-Elect Angie Brauneis
Secretary Treasurer Jen Bosse
Secretary Treasurer Elect Michelle Morris
Communications Secretary Anne Zimmer
Finances Jen Moskal
Recording Secretary Jen Moskal
VP Fundraising Lindsey Waichulis
VP Fundraising Elect Rachel Fitzgerald
VP Enrichment Jessica Buenz
VP Activities Alyssa Kamruddin
President's Committees - Under Jennie Beal
CHAMPS/PBIS Liason Anne Zimmer
District 205 Foundation Brian Bresnahan
PTA Council Representative Erin Stratton
PTA Council Scholarship Kate Cortez
REACH Lori Harges
  Naoko Ostermann
SERG Seeking Volunteer
School Drop-Off & Traffic Safety Anna Wick
Summer Rec Open House Katie Ambrosia
Sunshine & Hospitality Dena Fasheh
  Rachel Fitzgerald
Communication & Parent Education - Under Anne Zimmer
Directory and Membership Jennifer Bosse
PTA Blasts Anne Zimmer
Room Coordinator Chair Erin Stratton
Fundraising Committees - Under Lindsey Waichulis
Book Fair Jennifer Moskal
  Elizabeth Patti
Box Tops Anne Barz
Hawthorne Happening Chair Rachel Fitzgerald
Hawthorne Happening Chair Elect Monica McKeen
Trivia Night Frannie Decker
  Flavia Mallow
Wrapping Paper Monica McKeen
  Tricia Fisher
Student Activities & Services Committees - Under Alyssa Kamruddin
Back-to-School Social Amy Northern
5th Grade Pool Party Jessica Buenz
  Michelle Chavez
Hot Dog Lunch Laura O'Brien
  Lisa Kralina
Parents Night Out Kolleen Mooren
School Dance Ashlee Johnson
  Jennifer Bartgen Reid
Six Flags Kathleen Grossardt
Teacher Appreciation Amy Kinsella
  Julie Poepping
  Shawna Roubitchek
National Walk/Bike to School Days Kristan Rio
  Suzi Prybylo
WJR (Walk, Jog Run) Club Erin Stratton
Winter Party Jay Sen (Ehrich)
Yearbook Communication/Content Kelly Hummel
Yearbook Production Alicia Moore
Yearbook Sales & Distribution Beth Johnson
Student Enrichment Committees - Under Jessica Buenz
Assemblies Jeanine Grant
  Alyssa Kamruddin
Chess Club Don Roubitchek
Food Allergy Awareness Kelly Hummel
Kindergarten Liaison Janet Carson
  Elizabeth Patti
Math Night Lee Carry
  Craig Grossardt
Music & Art Discovery Tracie Wilcox
Reflections Libby Hoppe
School Supplies Carrington Abernathy
  Dena Fasheh
Science & Hobby Night Melissa Donaldson
  Angela Oest
Science Olympiad Erin Asgedom
  Kathleen Grossardt
  Jay Sen (Ehrich)
Spirit Wear Maggie Shields
  Mary Koludrovic
Variety Show Shawna Roubitchek

PTA Meetings

2019-20 PTA Meeting Schedule

September 17th @ 7 pm ~ Hawthorne Library

October 15th @ 7 pm ~ Hawthorne Library

December 17th @ 7 pm ~ Hawthorne Library

January 14th @ 7 pm ~ Hawthorne Library

February 18th @ 7 pm ~ Hawthorne Library

March 17th @ 9:30 am ~ 7 pm ~ Hawthorne Library

April 21st @ 9:30 am ~ 7 pm ~ Hawthorne Library

May TBD -  Volunteer Appreciation Event


PTA meetings are a great way to be among the first to know what is going on in our school and in the PTA.  In addition to all the great PTA information that you will learn in one of our meetings, you get the added benefit of networking with other like-minded PTA parents that you might not otherwise get to know.

Think about it....

Be informed!  You could be among the first to know about upcoming events and programs for your children.

Affect the future!  You can provide valuable input about the direction of the Hawthorne PTA.

Meet some great people!  You can network with other Hawthorne parents, teachers and administrators.

Share the enthusiasm!  Kids love it when their parents are involved at school.

PTA Positions for Consideration 2020-21

The PTA plays a vital role in supporting and enriching the Hawthorne community. And it is only possible with the many parents who volunteer their time and talents. With our wide and diverse needs, there is truly a role that will match to your interests and fit into your lifestyle.

All Hawthorne PTA positions are listed below. Simply click on the position to read the job description and the approximate time commitment. After you have determined your areas of interest, click here for consideration. We will be in touch soon. Please direct any questions to hawthornepta205@gmail.com.

PTA Executive Board



Secretary Treasurer

Communications Secretary

Finances - Web Store Coordinator

Recording Secretary

VP Enrichment

VP Fundraising

VP Student Activities

President's Committees - Direct Report to President

Cub Scouts

District 205 Foundation

PTA Council Representative

PTA Council Scholarship


Summer Rec. Open House

Sunshine & Hospitality

Communication & Parent Education - Direct Report to Communications Secretary

Directory and Membership

Fundraising Committees - Direct Report to VP Fundraising

Book Fair

Box Tops

Hawthorne Happening Chair

Hawthorne Happening Chair Elect

Playground Development

Trivia Night

Wrapping Paper

Student Activities & Services Committees - Direct Report to VP Activities

Back-to-School Social

Bowling Party

5th Grade Pool Party

Field Day

Hot Dog Lunch

Ice Skating Party

LRC (Learning Resource Center) Coordinator

Outdoor Green Space

Parents Night Out

School Dance

Six Flags

Teacher Appreciation

Nat'l Bike & Nat'l Walk to School Days

WJR (Walk, Jog, Run) Club

Yearbook Communication and Content

Yearbook Production

Yearbook Distribution & Sales

Student Enrichment Committees - Direct Report to VP Enrichment


Chess Club

Food Allergy Awareness

Junior Great Books

Kindergarten Liaison

Math Night

Music & Art Discovery


Room Coordinators

School Supplies

Science & Hobby Night

Science Olympiad

Spirit Wear

Variety Show

Ready to volunteer? Have questions?

Please click here to submit your positions of interest. Please direct any questions to hawthornepta205@gmail.com and we'll be sure to have someone get back to you shortly.