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REACH Presents 'Helping Young Children Organize their World"

The 2nd All District Parent Program from a 4-part series on Executive Function for all Early Childhood Parents (recommended for Pre K - 3rd Grade).  Please join us on Thursday, January 18th, 6:30-8:30pm, in the Sandburg Auditorium.  All District 205 parents welcome.  In addition hold the dates for the next programs in this series.  March 8 (Parenting to Promote a Growth Mindset), April 12 (The Teenage Brain).


This presentation will provide practical strategies for parents to foster the following skills in their child:  Self Regulation, Problem Solving, Organization, Time management and Reading for Cognitive Development.


Dr. Bozeday will focus on recent findings related to brain development in early childhood.  Discussion will include strategies for self-regulation and organization through literacy and play.  Dr. Bozeday, is the Director of Educational Services at Rush Neurobehavioral Center (RNBC) and Adjunct Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, and has extensive experience in education, speech language pathology, learning disabilities and gifted education.  Dr. Bozeday currently manages the Executive Function projects and is instrumental in curriculum design and implementation of the RNBC Executive Functions programs.



Posted by: Lori Jordahl Published:12/21/17
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