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Elmhurst Police Sponsor Drug Take-Back Day, Dec. 3

In conjunction with Chris Herren's visit, the Elmhurst Police Department will be holding a special Drug Take-Back Day on Saturday, December 3 from 9 AM to 1 PM outside of the Elmhurst Police Station, 125 E. First Street. One thing parents can do to safeguard their children is to clean out their medicine cabinet and get rid of pain pills left over from previous surgeries or injuries. The opioid oxycodone is found in a number of prescription drugs and can be highly addictive. Abuse of this drug produces a euphoric high similar to that of heroin.


In October, the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention announced that at least half of all opioid overdose deaths involve prescription painkillers.

Disposal of unused or expired prescription medication is best accomplished by drop-off at an authorized facility, which keeps these drugs out of the City water system and household garbage - as well as out of the hands of kids.

The Elmhurst Police Department has a prescription drug drop-off box in its main lobby, which is accessible 24/7. The box is strictly self-service: no information or identification is required. This simple step prevents accidental poisoning or overdose of family members. For more information, call 
630-530-3050 or visit www.elmhurst.org.

Posted by: Melea Smith, District Admin, Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 Published:11/28/16
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