Hawthorne Elementary School

Kid Friendly Searching

Kid-Friendly Search Engines

All Safe Sites - Recommended for all age groups; Reviewed by Educators

Ask Kids  - Recommended for kids and teens

CyberSlueth Kids  - Recommended for Grades K-12

GoGooligans  - Recommended for Kids and Teens; Heavily Filtered

KidRex  - Recommended for Ages 6-12; Powered by Google and includes ads in the return along with excellent resources.Includes a Webpage Removal Tool to alert if inappropriate content is found. 

Kid Space  - Recommended for Elementary Students; Provided by the Internet Public Library

KidsClick!  - Recommended for Kids and Teens; Recommended by Librarians

Kindernet!  - Recommended for Ages 6-12

Quintura for Kids  - Recommended for Kids and Teens

Sea World  - Recommended for all ages; Information about animals

Wonderopolis - Kid friendly website with a new article each day