Hawthorne Elementary School

Gr 5 REACH Language Arts

Poetry Slam!

Students read, recited, and wrote poems and submitted them to contests. Click to enjoy each theme poem: Aidan, Alexa, Jamie, Josephine, Julian, Kailin, Libby, Maeve, Rachel, Saveen, and Zhihanna

Olympic Boycott Research

To celebrate the Olympics and connect to our Human Rights/Holocaust unit, students used a question formulation technique (QFT) to choose a research question about Olympic boycotts. Below are links to our presentations. We hope you learn something new!

Click on a student's name to view their Olympic Boycott Research Presentation.

Kailin, Saveen, Libby, Alexa, Aidan, Zhihanna, Julian, Jamie, Maeve, Rachel, Josephine

Click and then "Present" to hear 5th graders read their "Where I am From" poems based on George Ella Lyon's poem. This was our template:

I am from…

I am from (an everyday item in your home)

From (product/item) and (product/item)

I am from the (description of your home)

(a detail about your home - a smell, taste, or feel)

I am from the (plant, flower, natural item)

The (plant or tree near your home)

Whose long gone limbs I remember

As if they were my own.

I’m from (family tradition or trait) and (family tradition or trait)

From (family members) and (family members)

I’m from (family habits) and (family habits)

And from (a family habit).

I’m from (thing you were told by adults) and (thing you were told by an adult)

And (a song or saying you’ve learned)

I’m from (a family tradition)

I’m from (place of birth) and (family nationality or place)

(Family food) and (family food)

From (a story about a family member)

(detail about the story or person)

(Description of family mementos, pictures or treasures)

(location of mementos - ex. Under my bed, on the wall, in my heart)

(more description on this line if needed)

I am (full name).

Students who require further language arts enrichment, outside of that already provided in the classroom, may work with Mrs. Sorrentino in a pull-out group daily during acceleration time, 1:40-2:10. They will actively discuss and analyze text which correspond to the common core skills at their grade level and above. Some highlights throughout the year may include the following activities:

  • Exploring social justice and how the encounters between cultures can lead to injustice.
  • Discovering what happens when belief systems of societies and individuals come into conflict.
  • Examining multiple perspectives to help understand conflict and promote cooperation and/or conflict resolution.
  • Investigating how art is universal to all and what artists contribute to society to inspire future generations.

All readings will lead to rich writing, discussions, and debates with something for everyone!