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Beth Allaire

Welcome To First Grade in Room 112!

Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 school year!  I am excited to be working with your child in first grade this year.  This is my 27th year teaching overall and my 24th year teaching first grade at Hawthorne Elementary.  My favorite part about teaching first grade is the incredible amount of growth I see within each child from the beginning of the year to the end.  Here's to a wonderful year of growing!

Weekly News

The holiday spirit is quite high in Room 112!  Excitement is definitely in the air! We have had  a great start to the second trimester!  It is amazing to me that our school year is approaching the half-way mark already!  Each of your children has set goals for himself/herself to work towards during the second trimester.  One goal focuses on work habits/behavior, while the other two focus on reading and writing.  A sheet with your child's three goals listed will come home after the new year, so you know exactly what your child is striving to improve on! The hour of coding was a definite highlight these past two weeks.  Thanks to so many of you who tried it with your child at home as well!  


During reading workshop, we have been discovering all the things non-fiction authors do to help their readers easily understand the information presented in the book.  We have been exploring some more with text features such as the  table of contents, photographs, glossary, index, captions, headings and bold print.  We also learned that some non-fiction books are actually called literary non-fiction because they tell a story like a fiction book while presenting facts like a non-fiction book.  See if your child can tell you about either of the literary non-fiction books we have read recently, Atlantic or Are You a Butterfly?


In math, we have continued working through Module 2.  We have been working on a variety of strategies that are effective to use when taking a  number away from a teen number.  The kids have practiced, making 10, taking from 10, counting on, and using a number path.  We will move along to practice our Read, Draw, Write (RDW) strategy when solving all types of number stories.


Our second trimester writing will focus on informational writing.  Your child will be writing informational texts that teach the reader about something that he/she knows a lot about.  We will work on catching our reader's attention with an introduction, presenting three or more facts about our topic with a supporting detail or two for each, and restating our topic in an effective conclusion. 


We have spent the last couple weeks working on our nutrition unit in Health.  We have explored the need for food and learned about the 5 healthy food groups.  We have discussed each group in depth and  each first grader has created a food group book.  We have also discussed eating well-balanced meals, referring to the My Plate resource. 


Reminders...It is a good idea to pack an extra outfit in a bag in your child's backpack in case of a spill or accident here at school.


...PLEASE get your child to school by 8:07 every morning, so he/she can line up on the back playground with classmates and walk into the building at 8:10.  Children arriving late really creates distractions and unnecessary morning chaos for us all.


...Please send your child to school with the appropriate outdoor clothing now that the weather has changed.  All students must stay outside for the full 30 minutes of lunch recess, cold or not!   When you send your child in winter boots, please remind him/her to put a pair of shoes in his/her backpack to wear while inside school!


Happy Weekend!  The next update to my weekly news will be after the new year!  Enjoy this holiday season with your sweet families!


Beth Allaire

Room 112's Good Choices

1.  Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

2.  Listen with your eyes, ears, and still hands.

3.  Raise your hand during class discussions and quiet work time.

4.  Do your best printing, coloring, cutting, and gluing.

5.  Walk from place to place in our classroom.

6.  Follow directions the first time they are given.

Specials Schedule

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - P.E.

Thursday -  None

Friday - P.E. & Music & Library Check-Out

Class Size

We have 23 kids in our class -  12 boys and  11 girls.

Keep Practicing...

  • counting by 1s, 5s, and 10s to 110
  • counting by 2s to 20
  • counting backwards from 25
  • making and counting tallies
  • decoding unknown words in a book by sounding them out, using picture clues, and thinking about the meaning of the story
  • writing complete sentences with a capital letter, ending mark, and spaces between each word
  • reciting phone number and address from memory
  • sight word flash cards each night

Remember To...

*  practice tying shoes with your child

*  write a note if your child is going home for lunch

*  write a note if your child's after school routine changes

*  take mail out of red folder each night

*  check over your child's homework & help him/her make any corrections 

*  return homework the following day

*  read with your child each night

*  label all your child's personal items (coats, boots, lunchbox, snowpants,) with his/her name