Hawthorne Elementary School

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Non-cognitive Factors which Foster student success (short video) 

Gifted 101 (by NAGC)

Chicago Gifted Community Center 

Parents of Gifted …a How to Guide-Hoagies

Supporting the Emotional Needs of Your Child

Illinois Association for Gifted Children

National Association for Gifted Children

Gifted Children's Resource-Programs and Classes



Parenting Gifted Kids by James R. Delisle Tips for raising happy and successful children by James R. Delisle
Smart Kids with Learning Difficulties by Rich Weinfield, Linda Barnes-Robinson, Sue Jewler Betty Shevitz Overcoming obstacles and realizing potential by Rich Weinfield, Linda Barnes-Robinson, Sue Jewler, Betty Shevitz
They Say My Kid’s Gifted: Now What? by Richard Olenchak Easy to use guide for parents of gifted kids by Sally Walker
Raising Champions by Michael Sayler A parent handbook for nurturing gifted children by Michael Sayler