Hawthorne Elementary School

Ms. Renee Gaston

Welcome To First Grade - Room113

Welcome to the exciting, adventurous journey I call first grade!  This is my thirty second year teaching first grade at Hawthorne, and I am looking forward to a year filled with friendship, fun, growth, and development with your child.  In my classroom, I recognize each student as a unique person with individual needs and learning styles.  My main goal is to find the strengths in every child and build on them.  I believe that it is my responsibility to provide the students with the tools they will need to become lifelong learners.  I hope to instill in the children a love of exploration and discovery.  I want the learning process to be a positive experience.

Weekly News

The following concepts were covered throughout the week:


Language Arts:

- discussed that readers use a table of contents to find out where information is located in the nonfiction texts they read

- readers use captions and labels to help identify the visual information that is represented in illustrations and photos

- readers can determine the meaning of unknown words by using background knowledge and context clues

- good readers ask questions in order to find answers to things they wonder about to learn new information and satisfy curiosity

- discussed how readers recognize how sequential structures help them understand orders and procedures in nonfiction text



- continued to discuss that informational writers....

   * write an introduction that names the topic

   * write each part on a different page

   * teach their readers about one topic

   * tell about their topic part by part

   * write facts about the topic with supporting details

   * write a conclusion that restates the topic


Phonics and Grammar:

- completed our third decodable reader



- practiced using RDW to match a story

- solved put together and take apart word problems using the RDW strategy

- used strategies to solve unknown problems

- solved addition and subtraction problems decomposing and composing teen numbers as 1 ten and some ones


Social Studies:

- completed our discussions on Martin Luther King, Jr.



- completed our magnet unit

- completed a variety of hands-on experiments

- rotated between all the first grade classrooms for a different activity







Extra Information

* Please do not forget to label your child's winter coat, hat, gloves, mittens, boots, and snow pants.


* Please have your child dress appropriately for the winter weather.


* The school nurse is asking for donations of old clothes for the school office.


* Library books are due on Monday.  


* Red folders should be brought to school each day.


* Please contact me if you would like to read to the class.


* Daily snacks should be placed in the backpack.





- phone number and address


- tying shoes


- zipping and buttoning winter coats


Specials Schedule

Art  - Thursday ~ 1:55-2:55

Library - Tuesday ~ 1:55-2:25    

Music - Wednesday ~ 2:25-2:55

             Friday ~ 1:55-2:25

P.E. - Tuesday ~ 2:25-2:55

          Wednesday ~ 1:55-2:25


Zach did a great job as our classroom star.  He enjoyed sharing his poster, wearing his star necklace, and sitting in the rocking chair.  The boys and girls found it interesting to learn that Zach likes snakes, playing with his brother, reading chapter books, and playing with his marbles.

January Birthdays

1~27 Yuuta


1~28 Scarlett



Math Resource

Class Size

We have 21 students in our classroom.


Boys ~ 11


Girls ~ 10