Hawthorne Elementary School

Ms. Renee Gaston

Welcome To First Grade - Room113

Welcome to the exciting, adventurous journey I call first grade!  This is my thirty third year teaching first grade at Hawthorne, and I am looking forward to a year filled with friendship, fun, growth, and development with your child.  In my classroom, I recognize each student as a unique person with individual needs and learning styles.  My main goal is to find the strengths in every child and build on them.  I believe that it is my responsibility to provide the students with the tools they will need to become lifelong learners.  I hope to instill in the children a love of exploration and discovery.  I want the learning process to be a positive experience.

Weekly News

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  Guest reading time is on Tuesday afternoons from 2:25-2:50.



The following concepts were covered throughout the week:


Language Arts:


- continued to read and discuss nonfiction books

- discussed main idea and supporting details

- introduced nouns and verbs

- discussed verb endings and root words

- wrote in our weekend journals

- wrote special thoughts for our classroom star

- continued with informational writing (writing that is meant to inform, define, or explain the author's subject to a reader)





- introduced place value (tens and ones)

- introduced endpoints when measuring

- compared the length of two objects

- discussed objects that were longer than, shorter than, or equal in length to a piece of string

- worked in our math journals and application booklets



Social Studies:


- learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.

- discussed Rosa Parks

- read about Ruby Bridges





- identified the characteristics of a reptile



Calm Classroom:


- techniques - Alternate Breathing and Butterfly Breathing





Extra Information

~  Please check red folder each night.


~ Library books are due every Friday.


~ Please pack a fruit or vegetable each day for a snack.


~ "Sharing Time" is every Friday.  Please bring in something to share with your classmates (an item or a thought).




Specials Schedule

Art  - Wednesdays

Library - Fridays   

Music -  Monday and Thursdays       

P.E. - Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays


Math Resource

Class Size

We have 20 students in our classroom.


Boys ~ 9


Girls ~ 11


January Birthday

Kiran ~ 1-5





Isla did a great job as our classroom star.  She did a fine job sharing her poster with the class and liked wearing her star necklace.  The boys and girls found it interesting to learn that Isla enjoys crafts, writing, going to the library, swimming, and visiting museums!