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Birthday Treats

Hawthorne has a non-edible treat policy for birthdays.  Please do not send any treats containing food or candy.  It is not necessary to send anything, but if you would like to send something some ideas are:  a book for the class, pencils, stationary, erasers, mini notebooks, puzzles, etc.  


Class size--23 students

Guest Reader

Thursdays 2:30-2:50



Going to be absent?

Please remember to call the absent line if your child will be absent--630-782-5794 


Work cannot be sent home ahead of time, but will be available when they return to school.  Not everything is able to be sent home, much of our learning happens through our discussions, stories and hands on activities.  Please send the completed assignments back within a week.

Mrs. Perrone

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First Grade Connection

Welcome to Mrs. Perrone's first grade class website.  I hope you will find this a helpful resource throughout the year to keep you connected to what we are learning about in class.  Please continue to check out what is happening in our classroom and what we will be doing in the future.

Our Week in Pictures

Our Week in First Grade

Reader's Workshop

  • During our workshop time we've been working on our Life Cycle Unit.  We've been reading about the life cycle of emperor penguins.  The kids started by activating their schema on penguins.  As we read each section we've been adding to our correcting any schema about emperor penguins.
  • We've been working on identifying key details in text, using context clues for unfamiliar words, visualizing, making connections and comparing and contrasting.
  • During independent reading time the kids are working on the skills we worked onto together.  They are also working on following the expectations of independent reading--reading the whole time.  We are up to 30 minutes of sustained reading.  It is awesome!  During this independent reading time, we are also working in guided reading groups.
  • Turn & Talk--we do this a lot in class, to ensure that all kids are participating and thinking the kids often turn to a partner to share their thinking instead of just one person sharing an answer.


  • using j vs g
  • v and ve in words
  • adding suffixes to root words
  • Unit 5 phonics reader--Kate 


  • Targets--telling time to the hour and half hour
  • We used our understanding of circles to help us tell time.  We've worked on o'clock and half past.  We built clocks and labeled them.
  • The kids played a clock bingo game with a partner.

Writer's Workshop

  • We've been working on our opinion writing pieces.  We read, Hey Little Ant.  In the story the ant pleads his case to the boy so he doesn't get stepped on.  The kids then wrote a piece about whether the boy should or should not step on the ant.  The kids came up with reasons and examples to support their opinions.


  • Goodbye butterflies!  On Monday we released our butterflies into their natural habitat in the outdoor classroom.  The kids really enjoyed watching our butterflies grow first hand.  They were sad to see them go.
  • We also studied the differences between butterflies and moths.  We used a Venn diagram to highlight their similarities and differences.

Social Studies

  • Maps!  We worked on navigating, interpreting, and constructing maps. 
  • The kids have used maps to navigate from place to place using cardinal directions and directional words.  
  • In the computer lab the kids practiced navigating with a coding game.  They had to interpret the path and then navigate the ball through the maze.

Computer Lab

  • Zearn and coding


Hawk Bucks

  • Class dance off, Hawthorne Spirit Wear, Read Aloud

Attendance Times



Late Start Days--9:45-3:00

Important Dates

  • End of the Year Party 5/21 1-2
  • Field Day 5/22 (rain day 5/23)
  • Last Day of School 5/25--11:15 dismissal

Things to Remember

  • Send a note if your child's departure routine changes or is going home for lunch
  • All snacks must be packed separately from their lunch and only be fruit or vegetable 
  • Scholastic Book Code GR8RB
  • Raz Kids code aperrrone4

Specials Schedule

Monday:          PE 2:25-2:55              

Tuesday:         PE 1:55-2:25

                        Music 2:25-2:55

Wednesday:   Music 1:55-2:25            

                        Library 2:25-2:55

Thursday:       Library checkout

Friday:            Art  2:25-2:55


  • 10 minutes/night
  • Eureka homework does not need to be completed
  • CKLA Phonics activities are extra practice at home, not mandatory homework
  • Read for enjoyment each night
  • District Math Website
  • Tricky words to practice--I, a, is, to, no, so, all, some, of, from, were, word, are, have, the, who, said, says, why, was, when, where, what, which, there, here, be, me, she, he, we, they, their, by, my, you, your, would, should, could, because, down, how, picture, today, yesterday, tomorrow

Classroom Rules

1.  Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

2.  Listen with your eyes, ears, and still hands.

3.  Raise your hand during class discussions and quiet work time.

4.  Do your best printing, coloring, cutting, and gluing.

5.  Walk from place to place in our classroom.

6.  Follow directions the first time they are given.




1 cube taken away = 5 minute walking ticket during recess

2 cubes = 10 minute walking ticket

3 cubes = 15 minute walking ticket/possible minor

4 cubes = parent contact/possible major