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Birthday Treats

Hawthorne has a non-edible treat policy for birthdays.  Please do not send any treats containing food or candy.  It is not necessary to send anything, but if you would like to send something some ideas are:  a book for the class, pencils, stationary, erasers, mini notebooks, puzzles, etc.  


Class size--21 students

Guest Reader

Tuesdays: 2:30-2:50




Going to be absent?

Please remember to call the absent line if your child will be absent--630-782-5794 


Work cannot be sent home ahead of time, but will be available when they return to school.  Not everything is able to be sent home, much of our learning happens through our discussions, stories and hands on activities.  Please send the completed assignments back within a week.

Mrs. Perrone

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Hawthorne Welcomes Kate Martin

Hawthorne is pleased to welcome Learner Centered Innovation Author Dr. Katie Martin on October 23rd for a day-long series of workshops for D205 elementary teachers and parents.


The parent workshop will take place 9 - 11 am on October 23rd. Dr. Martin’s open session for parents is designed to help foster a continued love of learning in children and adults. Her hope is to “spark curiosity, ignite passion, and unleash genius.”  We hope you can join us!

First Grade Connection

Welcome to Mrs. Perrone's first grade class website.  I hope you will find this a helpful resource throughout the year to keep you connected to what we are learning about in class.  Please continue to check out what is happening in our classroom and what we will be doing in the future.


First graders can bring a daily snack of fresh fruits or vegetables.  Only fresh fruit and vegetables are allowed, per district policy.  Water bottles are also welcomed.  Please make sure the snack is ready to eat--oranges, cuties peeled.  Please pack the snack separate from their lunch.  Thank you!

Our Week in Pictures

Our Week in First Grade

Reading Workshop:  Fiction


We worked on strategies to help us as we are retelling stories--stopping asking ourselves questions about what we just read, going back into the text.  We focus a lot on how when we read we show our understanding of what we read by answering questions and being able to retell the story.  We worked on using graphic organizers to retell the story.  We worked on retelling with graphic organizers together and then on Friday the kids did one on their own.  They had the choice of writing, drawing and dictating or using SeeSaw to demonstrate their proficiency towards the standard.


Targets: character traits with evidence, and retelling stories details in chronological order


Independent reading time is my favorite time of the day!  I love having the opportunity to talk to the kids about the books they are reading, give them feedback about using their reading and comprehension strategies, and watching them develop their love of reading.



  • We finished reviewing short vowels.  Next week we will start on long vowels.  Students should be able to decode CVC words including words with blends and diagraphs ex--clock, stamp, end, jump, etc



  • We reviewed the mid-module assessment and worked on showing our thinking in multiple ways
  • We started relating addition to subtraction
  • We used number bonds to create addition and subtraction sentences
  • We used a number path (number line) to subtract 
  • We discussed efficient ways to solve subtraction problems--counting back or counting on, ex--7-1 counting back is efficient, 7-5 counting on from 5 is more efficient

Writer's Workshop


We are continuing to work on bringing our small moment stories to life.  We worked on adding our feelings and emotions to our stories.  The kids also work on helping each other by asking each other questions to add more details to their writing.


Social Studies


This week we discussed fire safety for Fire Prevention Week.  We read Fly Guy Presents Firefighters and Stop, Drop and Roll.  We brainstormed questions that we would ask a firefighter.


WIN Time


This week with my group we located evidence in the text to identify characters, setting, problem and solution.  The kids highlighted text in short reads and used post-it notes to track their thinking.  The kids worked with partners to use post-it notes to mark spots in the story they needed to help them retell.  We put all their thinking together in a story map organizer together.

Attendance Times



Late Start Days--9:45-3:00

Things to Remember

  • Send a note if your child's departure routine changes or is going home for lunch
  • All snacks must be packed separately from their lunch and only be fruit or vegetable 
  • Scholastic Book Code GR8RB

Important Dates

  • Library books are due on Thursdays
  • Picture Re-takes 10/19
  • Hawthorne Happening 10/20
  • Late start 10/24
  • No Halloween costumes at school


Specials Schedule

Monday:          Art       12:55-1:55              

Tuesday:         Bonus  12:55-1:25


Wednesday:   Music    12:55-1:25            

                        PE         1:25-1:55

Thursday:       Library   12:55-1:55

Friday:            PE         12:55-1:25

                        Music    1:25-1:55

Classroom Rules

1.  Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

2.  Listen with your eyes, ears, and still hands.

3.  Raise your hand during class discussions and quiet work time.

4.  Do your best printing, coloring, cutting, and gluing.

5.  Walk from place to place in our classroom.

6.  Follow directions the first time they are given.




1 cube taken away = 5 minute walking ticket during recess

2 cubes = 10 minute walking ticket

3 cubes = 15 minute walking ticket/possible minor

4 cubes = parent contact/possible major